Growing up around hairstylists, I knew at an early age that doing hair was not only what I wanted to do but that it was my passion. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you see that bright light in your client's eyes as they look into the mirror after a service. The idea of making people feel beautiful, and those moments have been my driving force behind this career. Since those early years of spending time in my Aunt's salon, I have been pursuing this life. I started beauty school in high school, and received my license during my freshman year of college at Arizona State University. After working my way through college at a high end salon in Phoenix, I moved to Los Gatos, California. Living in Los Gatos for the last four years was the most amazing experience as a hairstylist. I worked with incredibly talented stylists, learned the business inside and out, gained experience with a variety of high end product lines, and continued my education as well as my growing love for this industry. Now I'm living my dream of building my clientele close to home in Loomis, California and looking forward to making my clientele look and feel like the best version of themselves inside and out.